About Us

What We Do

Since its inception in 1852, Mount Sinai has been at the vanguard of scientific discovery. Mount Sinai Innovations Partners (MSIP – formerly known as the Office of Technology & Business Development), as part of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, facilitates the transfer of discovery from the laboratory to the marketplace, seamlessly linking a not-for-profit institution with for-profit commercial entities. MSIP manages efforts required to bring new inventions and technologies to market, providing a means to a healthier future.

MSIP’s principal objective is to serve the community by transferring medical breakthroughs from Mount Sinai to the public while ensuring a consistent revenue stream to support the ongoing innovative efforts of Mount Sinai’s faculty and staff. Mount Sinai works in accordance with the Bayh-Dole Act which provides the legal framework for the transfer of federally funded inventions.

Our Purpose

• Dissemination of expertise, results of research and scholarly activities through commercial channels via collaborative research with industry, intellectual property licensing including facilitation of new licensees/spin-outs.

• In doing so we have a responsibility to capture a fair return for Mount Sinai.

• The return we help generate provides funds for investment in research and teaching as well as incentives to academics to participate in dissemination of ideas through commercial channels.

Mount Sinai History

Mount Sinai Hospital has been a catalyst of medical advancement for well over a century. As we continue to witness major technological progressions of all forms, it is important that we recognize how the inventions of our past have influenced the world we live in today. Please visit the Mount Sinai homepage for a complete list of Mount Sinai Firsts.

Our Performance

Key statistics for Mount Sinai Innovation Partners for fiscal year 2013 are listed below: