Success Stories

Marketed Products and Technologies

Since its inception in 1991, Mount Sinai Innovation Partners has managed industry relationships that have resulted in the availability of numerous products to address patient needs and 11 companies based on Mount Sinai technologies.

Table I: Marketed Products and Technologies
AccumetricsVerifyNow System - Platelet Assay
AsuragenNiemann Pick Disease Genetic Test
AvimexAvian Influenza Vaccine for New Castle Virus
BayerDiagnostic Reagent for Automated Hematologic Analysis
Dade BehringPlasma Tissue Factor for Diagnostic Reagents
EdwardsMitral Valve Ring
GeneDXNoonan Syndrome Genetic Test
GenzymeFabrazyme - Treatment for Fabry's Disease
Hamilton ThorneDiagnostic Technology
InstrumedicsAdhesive Coated Slides
Large Healthcare CompanyDermatologic Applications
LuminexNiemann Pick Disease Genetic Test
MedImmuneMethod of Manufacture of Attenuated Infleunza Vaccines
PhotomedicsVitiligo Treatment
PinestarTomographic Pillow for Imaging
Proctor & GambleGenestein to Prevent UV Photodamage
Multiple CompaniesMiscellaneous Antibodies Licensed

Table II: Development Pipeline
LicenseeProductLead InventorPreclinicalPhase IPhase IIPhase III
AmicusTreatment for Fabry's Disease: Amigal (small molecule)Dr. Fan-
Autism TherapeuticsTreatment for Autism: Fluoxetine/NPL-2008Dr. Hollander-
Neurocrine BiosciencesTreatment for Endometriosis: Elagolox/GnRH antagonistDr. Sealfon-
AmicusTreatment for Fabry's Disease: AmigalDr. Fan-
GenzymeTreatment for Niemann Pick DiseaseDr. Schuchman-
HumaneticsTreatment for Alzheimer's: NutraceuticalDr. Pasinetti-
AmicusTreatment for Pompe's Disease: AT2220Dr. Fan-
AstellaTreatment for Endometriosis & Prostate CancerDr. Sealfon-
Allertein TherapeuticsTreatment for Food AllergyDr. Sampson-
VivaldiInfluenza VaccineDr. Palese-
ClavisTreatment for CancerDr. Holland-
For Dodge Animal HealthAnimal VaccineDr. Palese-

Table III: Start-Up Companies

It is MSIP’s goal to foster development of our technologies through new companies when it is determined that this would be the best route to commercialization. The companies below are based on Mount Sinai technologies.

AccumetricsPlatelet antigen diagnostics1996Private
AgenusOncology1994NASDAQ- AGEN
Amicus TherapeuticsSmall molecule chaperones for genetic disorders2002NASDAQ- FOLD
Autism TherapeuticsTreatments for Autism and related neuro-developmental diseases2011Private, Formerly Neuropharm
AVIR Green Hills BiotechnologyViral vectors and oncolytic viruses2003Private
AvironRNA virus vaccines1995Acquired by MedImmune (2001)
ContraFect CorpMolecular treatments for infectious disease2010Private
Hamilton ThorneNucleic acid detection and application for disease diagnosis2000Private
Redpoint BioTaste transduction technology for food sweeteners and therapeutics1995 as LinguagenMerged in 2001. OTC: BB: RPBC
Vivaldi BiosciencesViral vaccines2007Private


Selected Products

Plasmid rescue technology was developed by Drs. Peter Palese and Adolfo Garcia Sastre in Mount Sinai’s Department of Microbiology. Plasmid rescue is a method for making negative strand RNA viruses solely from plasmids without the need for helper viruses which provides significant manufacturing advantages to companies developing influenza vaccines. Plasmid rescue can also be used to readily create improved vaccines. The technology was licensed to MedImmune for human vaccine production in 2006 and MedImmune has subsequently utilized the technology to generate its seasonal FluMist vaccine. In addition, to FluMist, plasmid rescue technology can be used to generate pandemic vaccines and has been sublicensed by MedImmune to more than a half dozen influenza vaccine manufactures.
Fabrazyme is a recombinant form of the human enzyme Alpha-galactosidase A. It was developed as a therapeutic by Drs. Robert Desnick, David Bishop, and Yiannis Ioannou in Mount Sinai’s Department of Genetics and Genomics Sciences. Fabrazyme is used to treat individuals suffering from Fabry’s Disease, a rare but devastating metabolic condition. Approved by the FDA in 2003, Fabrazyme is currently the only approved product on the market in the US for the treatment of Fabry’s Disease and enjoys orphan drug status in the US.
In 2009 Edwards Life Sciences launched a new mitral valve repair ring called the Carpentier-Edwards Physio II. Dr. David H. Adams at Mount Sinai, one of the leading mitral repair authorities in the world, is an inventor of this next-generation mitral valve repair ring. The Physio II is the only annuloplasty ring offering shape optimization, which matches the geometry of the ring to the characteristics of the patient’s diseased mitral valve, and does not limit repair options based on etiology, or cause, of the mitral valve disease. Mount Sinai and Edwards entered into a royalty bearing agreement in 2007 for the transfer of intellectual property invented by Dr. Adams which has been incorporated into the Physio II ring.