MSIP’s Contracts Group negotiates agreements for the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai including License Agreements, Industry Sponsored Research Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements, as well as Confidentiality Agreements (sometimes called CDAs or NDAs) that are made in anticipation of possible license, sponsored research or a material transfer.


License Agreement describes the rights and responsibilities related to the use and exploitation of intellectual property (patents, copyrights, tangible material etc.) Mount Sinai license agreements stipulate that the licensee must diligently seek to bring the Mount Sinai intellectual property into commercial use for the public good. The agreement also seeks to provide a reasonable return to Mount Sinai.

Sponsored Research Agreement is a legally binding contract between Mount Sinai and a third party, wherein that third party (usually a for profit company) provides funding (and sometimes also materials) to Mount Sinai to enable a Mount Sinai faculty member to undertake his or her research (i.e. research designed by the Mount Sinai faculty member). This is to be distinguished from:

  • A Research Service Agreement, where a for profit company requests that the faculty member, in exchange for payment to Mount Sinai, carry out steps of the company’s design.
  • Clinical Trial Agreements specific to evaluating products in human subjects trials following a protocol developed by the sponsor (as well as CDAs made in anticipation or otherwise regarding a clinical trial), are negotiated through Financial Administration of Clinical Trials Services (FACTS) instead of through MSIP.
  • A Material Transfer Agreement is the legal contract used to define the terms and conditions for the exchange of materials.

MSIP’s Contract Group is here to support you in negotiation and finalization of your Licensed Sponsored Research, Material Transfer and Confidentiality Agreements. Please note that faculty signatures on such agreements do not legally bind Mount Sinai. These Agreements must be signed by an authorized Officer of Mount Sinai. MSIP’s Contracts Group is here to support you through the negotiation and drafting of these agreements as well as procuring the required signatures.

Get Started

The first step in obtaining a Material Transfer, Sponsored Research, or Confidentiality Agreement is to log into our Agreement Portal, located below. From the Agreement Portal, you can request a new agreement or check on the status of previously requested agreements. Once in the portal, select Request an Agreement and select the agreement type you would like to request.

Other agreement types that MSIP’s Contracts Group handles include: Consortium Agreements, Collaboration Agreements, and Inter-Institutional Agreements. If you wish to undertake an agreement, but do not know what category of agreement it is, please feel free to ask MSIP’s Contracts Group.


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Mount Sinai Innovation Partners utilizes DocuSign to manage all required Icahn School of Medicine signatures before coordinating external signatures. For more information, please visit DocuSign.