Disclose your Technology

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai’s Policies on Intellectual Property: Ownership and Commercial Development provides that any invention developed at Mount Sinai or resulting from research conducted at Mount Sinai should be disclosed to Mount Sinai and is owned by Mount Sinai in the first instance. The Policies also provide for generous sharing of commercialization income with the inventors and innovators.

We encourage you to Disclose your Technology through our Technology Portal or contact us by email or phone as soon as you are ready to discuss your invention. A representative from MSIP will work with you to finalize all of the necessary disclosure information. Faculty and staff are asked to provide critical information regarding the source of funding for the work leading to the idea, so that Mount Sinai can fulfill its responsibilities to the sponsor (including reporting of federally-funded inventions to the government).

Once the disclosure process is finalized, a docket number is assigned to the technology and additional information relating to the technology is entered into Inteum, MSIP’s technology management software system. The technology is assigned to a MSIP Business Development Director with relevant background and experience regarding the field of the invention. The Business Development Director makes an initial assessment of the technology, contacts the inventor(s), and works with them to complete preliminary evaluation. This may be an interactive process during which the Business Development Director conducts patent searches as well as conducts preliminary market assessments with the input of external or internal team members. Once the preliminary evaluation is completed, the initial assessment is reviewed by the MSIP team, the recommendation of the Business Development Director is taken into consideration and a decision is made to advance the invention through investment of Mount Sinai resources in intellectual property protection, further development of the idea (internally or externally) if additional work needs to be done to address critical questions, or advise the inventor(s) the commercial value (despite the excellent science) is not sufficient to warrant further action or investment.


Any public disclosure of your findings or invention prior to its protection by MSIP could jeopardize its patentability or commercial value. Please contact MSIP well before submission for presentation or peer review.


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