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Discuss Your Ideas

Mount Sinai Innovation Partners encourages Mount Sinai faculty and staff to keep us informed of your latest research developments and discoveries. Though not all discoveries need patent protection to have an impact, early evaluation of an idea can provide the time needed to file a patent when appropriate and reduces the risk of losing patent rights as patents need to be filed prior to public presentation or publication of the idea.

Some of the major benefits of engaging to commercialize your ideas include:

• Using commercial channels to bring products and other solutions to patients to address unmet needs

• Enhanced personal and institutional reputation in impacting public health

• Participation in the development of important solutions and products

• Revenues for research, teaching, and personal use

Please see the Mount Sinai Faculty Handbook for more information on technology transfer at Mount Sinai.


MSIP’s staff members are available to meet with your research team, department, or other groups to consider specific ideas for commercialization, research collaboration, or provide seminars to cover areas of specific interest to your group and explain MSIP’s services. Our goal is to increase faculty awareness of the office’s commercial activities and stimulate engagement with industry through development of collaborative research programs, intellectual property licensing, and new business development. Upcoming events can be found here.

MSIP Principles

Attract and accept into the portfolio those cases that have the stongest potential to make a significant positive impact and where using commericial channels is the most reasonable means to carry the idea forward

Take the course that supports commercialization of the technology and work effectively to add value to the technology through the use of patent, proof of concept, and internal and external evaluation resources

Work effectively with Mount Sinai inventors and innovators to support their aspirations, manage conflicts, comply with Mount Sinai regulations, and encourage synergy with the mission of the Mount Sinai

Engage with industry and investors early to understand their requirements and find the best partner (industry collaborator, licensee, or start-up senior management and investors) to take the idea forward

Negotiate fair and reasonable terms that reflect the contribution of the assets and expertise being transferred

Negotiate and close the greatest number of best possible deals

Look after the deals once they are closed to encourage commercialization and optimize returns