Student FAQ’s

What are MSIP, CTIE and SINAInnovations?
Mount Sinai Innovation Partners (or MSIP) is the technology transfer office for the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the Mount Sinai Medical Center, responsible for encouraging and carrying out industry/investor partnerships to commercialize Mount Sinai intellectual property for the benefit of patients:

The Center for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (or CTIE) is a research and education program to advance the invention and development of new biomedical technologies at Mount Sinai:

SINAInnovations is our annual meeting to celebrate and encourage innovation at Mount Sinai:

…All are part of the Innovations Agenda at Mount Sinai.

I have an idea for a start-up company. Can MSIP or CTIE help me?
Yes. Whether you have specific questions, would like to brainstorm about a potential business idea, or want to learn more about what it takes to launch a new venture, we can help you get started and connect you with a wide array of entrepreneurial resources at Mount Sinai and in New York City.  You can reach these resources by contacting either MSIP or CTIE and we’ll make sure you get to the right place.
I think I might have a new patentable invention. Who can help me with this?
When it comes to realizing the commercial potential of a new patentable invention, our team of business and legal professionals can help evaluate the commercial potential of your idea and advise you on important steps to protect, market, license, and/or otherwise position your idea for commercialization. Take a look at the Inventors Guide or contact us at to set up an appointment.
Does Mount Sinai have an ownership claim to my invention or other intellectual property?
While Mount Sinai may in some instances have an ownership interest in your invention per Mount Sinai’s Policy, MSIP may assign whatever Mount Sinai’s  rights and interests in the invention may be to you if:

All Mount Sinai-affiliated inventors are students and if all of the following are true:

• None of the Mount Sinai-affiliated inventors is employed by Mount Sinai in a research setting (e.g., research-related work study, part-time, casual, or temp roles; or research assistant, teaching assistant, fellow, or post-doc positions; or in any other research capacity); and

• The activity from which the invention or other intellectual property arose did not make significant use of funding provided by Mount Sinai (e.g., federal grants or industry funding for research), Mount Sinai research materials (e.g., laboratories or technical equipment), or Mount Sinai employee time (e.g., Faculty, technical staff).

Please note that, in keeping with many of our peer academic institution’s practices, Mount Sinai generally does not consider the following to be “significant use”:

• Advice that a student may receive from a faculty or staff member as may be commonly solicited in the context of an educational experience (i.e., related to a course);

• Use of Mount Sinai resources by students in the context of their coursework (e.g., classrooms, dorms, and email).

I’d like to learn more, where can I get more information?
For more information about MSIP & CTIE, who we are and what we do and upcoming events please visit our websites at and We also invite you to join our mailing list to receive the latest news and events on topics relating to technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and innovation at Mount Sinai.