Harrington Scholar-Innovator Grant Program

The Harrington Scholar-Innovator Award recognizes physician-scientists throughout the U.S. whose research has the potential to change standard of care. The Award provides clinical research funding as well as non-financial support to selected investigators and their institutions to help bridge the gap between basic discovery and clinical introduction.

Up to 10 Harrington Scholar-Innovator awards will be made each year through a competitive selection process. Grantees are selected by renowned physician-scientists who serve on the Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Multi-Level Support for Research Grant Recipients

Harrington Discovery Institute is committed to providing awardees with a full level of support, including:

  • A “base” grant amount of $100,000 over two years
  • Additional funding according to the needs of your specific project
  • Direct strategic/project management support through our Innovation Support Center.

Support by the Innovation Support Center includes:

  • Consulting services from highly experienced drug development personnel
  • Business and commercialization advice
  • Clinical development advice
  • Regulatory assistance
  • IP review and advice
  • Assistance identifying and securing additional financial support based on needs of the project

The “base” grant amount of $100,000 is flexible money that can be applied directly to your project and cannot support indirect institutional expenses.

Once we have a contract in place, the Director of the Innovation Support Center (ISC) will contact you to set up an initial face to face meeting. The goal of the meeting will be to help put your drug development plan into action and to introduce you to the resources of the ISC that will be made available to you. A project coordinator from the ISC will serve as your point of contact.

Clinical research grant awards are made conditional on applicant meeting the terms of the grant. Please see the Grant Policies for more information.

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